I got back from Henry's "Hey Darling" workshop in Cle Elum, WA about a week ago and I am STILL ON CLOUD NINE. Yes it was very educational and there were amazing styled shoots and great food but the biggest take away is just being in the same room/mansion (ha) with other awesome people. Meeting some super talented vendors and photographers was motivating and inspiring. I loved that there was a small group of us too. It made it easy to learn from each other and really get to know everyone. If you are considering a workshop - you will not regret going to Hey Darling!!! I also highly recommend booking Henry as your photographer. I got to see him in action (as he shot head shots for us) and he immediately made me feel at ease. - Kate Salley Photography


Buckle your seatbelts…this review is gunna be a long one. I CANNOT EXPRESS TO YOU ALL READING THIS, how much fun I had during the Hey Darling Workshop. Not only did I gain 18 new friends, but I felt like I had met people whom I shared souls with. From the very first moment, driving up to the location. My jaw dropped… Shyness and nervousness threw itself out the window and replaced those emotions with excitement, adventure, learning, growth and opportunities. Henry was SO FRIGGIN SWEET, he helped bring my bags in and showed us to our rooms. The accommodation for this workshop BLEW MY FREAKING MIND. Viet found this amazing air bnb MANSION, and I seriously felt so boujee walking in. A crazy welcome lunch was being set up and OK, when you think you’ve had a nice cheese, cracker and meat plate… LOOK AT MY PHOTOS.. it does NOT do it justice. IT WAS EPIC… that goes to say that Hey Darling’s meals was TOP FREAKING NOTCH. We had a professional Nutritionist cook all our meals to ensure everyone was well fed and taken care of. I never felt hungry and that says a lot, cause I always am! The food was delicious and as a picky eater myself, I destroyed everything and always went back for seconds….. and thirds.

For those thinking of attending a Hey Darling Workshop, SIGN UP NOW. DO NOT WAIT. Henry and his gang put on one hell of an event. They think of everything and want all attendee’s to leave feeling happy, confident and fulfilled. Thats exactly how I felt. You honestly do pay for what you get and with Hey Darling and Henry, even more so! The bar has been set so high and honestly, other workshops need to take note! We got to learn from each and every instructor. Dawn, Brooke, Jonathan, Will, Henry, all the vendors… they really know their stuff and I’ve been in the business for 5+ years and I felt like a new baby photographer and I soaked all their knowledge up like a sponge. Their classes were VERY informative and EXTREMELY Valuable.. I couldn’t even put a price tag on what they delivered and gave to us. I tried my best to spend some time with each instructor and they all treated me with love and respect! All the vendors went above and beyond and I wish I could just hangout with everyone over and over again! I also wish the workshop was more than 2 days, I would totally have paid more for a longer stay! Haha 

I learned so much about the business side of wedding photography and even a lot about myself as a photographer. I learned what goals I needed to set and how to achieve them from this workshop. I believe in myself again and I really cannot believe how much support I gained from just attending this workshop! I no longer feel like the photographer looking in through the window.. Im inside hanging out in the kitchen with them all, laughing, and having an amazing time.

Attending the workshop hosted by Henry (Hey Darling Workshop) I honestly and truly feel so much pride in myself and accomplished. I feel stronger, more confident and better equipped to be a full time PROFESSIONAL wedding photographer. What I learned from Hey Darling Workshop, I could never put a price on… I want to and WILL ATTEND more Hey Darling Workshops in the future… I absolutely love them, love Henry and the entire gang. Words cannot describe how much I loved this trip, how much I learned and how thankful I am to the entire Hey Darling Team. From the welcome lunch, to the presentations, to the 3 styled shoots to the free downtime to edit and ask questions to just hangout and chill and EVEN OUR AMAZING SWAG BAGS… I owe ALL this new found passion to Hey Darling Workshop. Thank you from the bottom of my heart… cannot express to you the amount of gratitude I have towards you all. Im sitting here with tears in my eyes because I just enjoyed my time and experience so much I cannot wait for the next adventure <3

With love,

Jessica Douglas Photography


I attended Henry's May 2019 Hey Darling Workshop with a handful of other photographers, and I walked away feeling inspired, refreshed, and connected. This was the first workshop I had ever been to, and the entire experience blew all of my expectations out of the water. It was well organized, informative, and SO MUCH FUN. All of the instructors were incredibly knowledgeable, helpful, and hands on. I walked away with not only more business/technical knowledge, but a renewed passion and vision for the huge honor I get to call my career. Henry exudes so much love - for what he does and for the humans he gets to do it for. That attitude was incredibly influential, and I was humbled and challenged to make deeper connections with the couples who pick us to capture one of the biggest days of their lives. - Matt + Jess


I went to Hey Darling Workshop in may 2019 and I don't even know how to explain how amazing it was.
I had a few expectations set up for this workshop since the last one I went to were not the best, but this time, ALL MY EXPECTATIONS WERE REACHED.
Henry was there to meet us right at the beginning, he scheduled plenty of time for us to talk with him, the others instructors & each other attendees. The best was that the instructors were actually coming to each one of us to learn about us instead of staying in their own group. They were like open books with all the questions we had to ask and the scheduled shoots were perfectly planned. We even had food HOT AND READY as soon as we'd finish shooting.
I'll seriously never say thank you enough to Henry and his team for this amazing experience. - Violaine Fiset


First, I want to say that this is my first review I have ever posted in my life. I felt like it was necessary though because I want everyone to know how amazing Henry is at both life and photography. I attended HeyDarling2 Workshop in Cle Elum and it was nothing short of mind blowing. I was SO nervous about attending. I'm very introverted and photography is very new to me. I knew I wanted to learn from the best though, so I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and signed up! This is truly the best decision I have made thus far in my photography career. The whole workshop was handled so professionally. From the food to the instructors to the living arrangements-TOP NOTCH. I can't say enough. Henry set a standard of giving and kindness at this workshop. This filtered down to each of the instructors who shared ALL their knowledge and didn't hold anything back. They answered all questions so willingly and openly. During the shoots they helped answer any questions any of the students had at the time. Everyone was so gracious. The day was jam packed with learning and lessons and then we had the most beautiful styled shoots in the evening. It was the perfect mixture of learning, practice, and fun. Henry truly has a special gift. Thank you, Henry, for sharing that gift with the world so openly. - Bethany Kidd